Annex Media Group specializes in innovative product and service branding, Web site design and comprehensive business, marketing and media development solutions for your business enterprise. Founded in 2004, Annex Media Group is headquartered in Montreal and serves a broad spectrum of clients from many different segments of the marketplace.

Annex Media Group, through its core team, is diligent and flexible in dealing with the needs of our clients. Through our strong partnerships with design and technology specialists, Annex Media Group can develop a perfect lineup comprised of those professionals that are needed to ensure the success of your particular project.

Our concept of team extends to our closely cultivated relationships with our clients. We work side by side with our clients to ensure that each project is round out to a satisfactory conclusion. We want to make sure that every design or development project that we undertake at Annex Media Group reaches the goals and objectives that are important to each of our clients.

Annex Media Group employs a three-fold approach in regard to its design and development projects. At Annex Media Group we listen, create and achieve.

Before we begin any project ... we listen to our clients. During the project ... we listen to our clients. When a project has wrapped ... we continue to listen to our clients.

We understand that cookie cutter "solutions" do not work if a business wants to gain a competitive edge. We work to create individualized, comprehensive solutions for each of our clients.

The professionals at Annex Media Group work tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients has the competitive edge to compete and to triumph in the 21st century marketplace.

We look forward to hearing from you. We offer free consultations. We stand ready to offer you a free, comprehensive project evaluation.
We want to work for you ... with you.