"We are delighted with our site and equally delighted with the professional and prompt service we received form Annex Media Group. Annex Media Group has proved to be a professional company with great service. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Annex Media Group as a top web design company for children friendly websites. We have received positive feedback from our campers, parents, staff and donors. Many of our campers and staff regularly check our site for updates on upcoming events. The staff at Annex Media Group has been most helpful throughout the process of building our new site as well as with follow-up on changes that need to occur for the new season. This has been a wonderful experience for our organization. It has assisted us in attaining our goal of maintaining a year round connection with our campers. Thank-you!"

-- Shauna Joyce, Executive Director

"This day and age may be the most competitive landscape for internet and marketing services ever. How does a company stand out and give you an edge? It's rare for a company to be creative and marketing savvy, to make you feel like you are their most valued client even when they're loaded with other business. I can't heap enough praise onto Annex Media Group for their amazing work on my website and monthly newsletter. Kiki and Piam are one-of-a-kind professionals, uncannily perceptive, and just plain brilliant when it comes to knowing a client's needs and fulfilling them. I look forward to a long and exciting partnership with them."

-- Lu Hanessian, author of "Let the Baby Drive ", newspaper columnist, national speaker, and veteran television journalist. She was co-anchor on NBC's "Real Life," "Unsolved Mysteries," and host of "Make Room for Baby" on Discovery Health Channel. Her articles have been published in the New York Times, Parenting and Redbook. She has been a guest on The Today Show, CNN, FOX News Channel, and NPR radio.

"When launching a new radio station, the online component can be one the most crucial elements in building an audience. A radio station's website is a direct reflection of what an audience hears on air, and transforming that concept into a visual landscape is one of the greatest challenges. Thankfully, Kiki and Piam's brilliant team of developers at the Annex Media Group were able to take a mere idea, and transform it into a fully interactive online community. Their team of determined professionals exceeded every expectation we had. Above and Beyond is an understatement. We are in debt to them and are continually amazed by their dedication and creative vision. We look forward to continued success with them in the future!"

--John Downey, Project Manager

"Dear Annex Media Group

Please accept this letter as thanks for the wonderful website your company created for my not-for-profit organization. When I embarked on the task of having to create the site, I was not, as you know, very knowledgeable about how to go about organizing and creating the site from a content point of view. Your team of professionals made the task so easy and made me feel extremely comfortable through the entire process.

The finished product is a website that is easy to navigate through and includes all the pertinent tabs and information people need in order to see exactly what my organization does.

I also want you to know that many bereaved parents and family and friends of bereaved parents have found comfort reading the information on the website and I have had many compliments about the site in general. We have also been successful selling product through the PayPal feature you suggested we implement.

I want you to know that I have recommended your services to several contacts I know. If anyone is looking to increase their business through the implementation of a website, Annex Media Group is the only name I refer.

Thank you very much Annex Media for making a difference in the way we help others."

-- Ky Joseph, Founder "Ever Lasting Little Angels"